Silent CIO


The Silent CIO gives you the power of having a seasoned Chief Information Officer and IT expert without the cost.

In todays age/time everything you do is in a lot of ways tied to technology somehow. You are busy running your business, managing your staff, being productive and making money; you shouldn’t have to be an IT guru as well.

I understand the challenges you face running a business in todays time. What internet should you select, standard phone service vs voip, cell phone tech, web hosting, e-commerce and more.

As an IT & Marketing specialist for over 20 yrs I want to bring my expertise to your service. To do this we have created the “Silent CIO” program. The Silent CIO allows your organization to have the power of a professional Information Officer , but only when you need it. As your “Silent CIO” I will act as your inhouse Chief Information Officer; this will allow you to redirect all technical and I.T. things to me, freeing up your time and putting more power on your team!


Here are some examples of when having your own CIO comes in handy:

  • Don’t want to take the call with your communications provider, but need to make a decision.
  • Need an expert to sit in on the meeting with the other teams execs and funny talking IT team.
  • Need to know what the best strategy is for your social media strategy?
  • Is your website ineffective and you need to do something about it, but don’t know what to do.
  • Need help with Windows Server, Windows 10, Unix, office networks, vs cloud

Either way and All the way I’ve got you covered.

I offer a range of packages that can fit your organizations needs. Call today to get started 404.446.6283