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Jasiri speaks to a crowd of thousands of tech experts Internet Summit


Jasiri Basel | The Power of Purposed Execution

Jasiri Basel is a highly sought-after technologist and global problem solver, which stems from his two plus decades as a serial entrepreneur and his vast leadership experience in industries across the gambit. A man thoroughly committed to our people, the community and the future, he is also a published author and international speaker, having graced many venues & countless minds on three continents across the world.

Jasiri Basel  – Your Guest Speaker

Be it motivation for students at your school or university or encouragement and direction for your community, Jasiri is sure to provide an engage message of hope that moves the audience to productive action.

Experience & Execution | Another Level of Training & Development

From pure power and perseverance to overcome obstacles, & real life experience to executing against the odds, Jasiri Basel is an innovator, seasoned in leadership development,process improvement, Six Sigma, and more.  Jasiri has built(and help build) countless systems and teams from ground up, and has aided in the improvement of many others.  When your organization(big or small) needs to get its staff and stake holders equipped and moving in the right direction look no further than Jasiri Basel.