THE Foundation

Because of the successes achieved and the places I’ve been many believe that I grew up fortunate and was handed the pathway and tools for success,this is farthest from the truth.  I grew up in a single parent household in the inner city of Baton Rouge, La.  and while my mother did everything she could to help me along the right path, my life has been great challenges and breaking through to succeed in situations in which it wasn’t the norm for someone “like me” to do so.

With that my life has been a commitment to helping others succeed and achieve. I often motivate countless on a regular basis but beyond that I have developed a well thought out plan to provide tangible value and results to the lives of many.

Thus I gave to the world THE CEO MIND Foundation , a non-profit organization dedicated to the minority community needs.  THE CEO MIND Foundation focuses on engagement, empowerment , education and pathways for individual and collective progress of the community.

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The organization is composed of local volunteers who lend their time, knowledge and resources to something that is bigger than themselves.   I’m thankful and humbled by the great men, women and youth who make all that we do possible.

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